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Why email?

Communication can take place in many ways, but email has become the standard on the digital net. Everywhere you register you are asked to have an email account, but also when you communicate with companies you cannot do without. It is best to choose a reliable solution.

Why at DCG!

At DCG, we do not only offer services. We are also available for any questions you might have and provide excellent support. Also when you want to receive advice in the field of security, we are of course ready to help you.


An excellent migration solution for your email move.


User Migration Bundle

MigrationWiz- Mailbox

MigrationWiz-Collaboration (per Team)

Licence type

With the User Migration Bundle, move mailboxes, documents and personal archives in one license. Increase revenue and project reach with multi-workload projects to provide an end-to-end migration experience.

With the MigrationWiz Mailbox licence, you can register, configure and start mailbox migrations in minutes. No special training, professional services or additional hardware or software installation required.

With the Collaboration licence, you can migrate Teams, Channels, Calls, Permissions and Files with MigrationWiz, the industry's leading cloud migration solution.

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Price excluding 21% VAT

€ 12.67 per user

€ 10.13 per mailbox

€ 96.29 per team channel

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