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Technical and marketing tool

By offering the scan to your customers in a newsletter or on social media, those who can't work it out will quickly ask for your help. You can also place your own advertisements (possibly linked to the scan results) and, in consultation with your client, register the computer so that they periodically receive an overview on your behalf. Many users see this as an invitation to perform a new scan, which can lead to new contact moments.

Who is ScanCircle meant for?

You can do scans yourself during your repairs. You can also invite your customers to do a scan (you will receive the results). You can also indicate on the map where you offer support, so that users from the general ScanCircle environment can also ask for your help.

Why at DCG!

At DCG, we do not only offer services. We are also available for any questions you might have and provide excellent support. Also when you want to receive advice in the field of security, we are of course ready to help you.

Scan your computer for free

Gain insight into possible computer problems.

You are always welcome as a reseller


You can register as a reseller free of charge


Of course, we are happy to speak to you on the telephone

Complete overview of your computer

ScanCircle checks your computer for the most common problems within approximately 15 seconds. After the scan you will get a complete overview of your computer and you will immediately see where possible actions are required. You can also request a before-and-after report, so you can show your clients what you have improved (e.g. based on the report mark) and what else could be improved. You also get online insight into all performed scans and you can have them automatically forwarded to your ticketing system.

Do you want to offer this service?

You can purchase this service from us. With the scan widget, the scan can be run directly from your own website, and the result pages will feature your own logo and company name. Because it is a cloud service, you do not need to install anything and you can use it immediately.

ScanCircle Partner


ScanCircle White Label

Own branding

Own subdomain

Own advertisements

Price excluding 21% VAT

Normally € 179.95 per year
With us you pay € 139.95 per year

You are always welcome as a reseller


You can register as a reseller free of charge


Of course, we are happy to speak to you on the telephone

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