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DNS Management

Almost everything is linked to your domain name and therefore also to the DNS. The DNS ensures that your domain name is known on the web and that the traffic arrives at the right place.

Why DNS Management

Price quality

With us, you don't just pay less. You also get much more in return.


Secure your domain with DNSSEC with our DNS solution

Backup DNS

Your DNS zones are backed up every day.

European cluster

Our nameservers are located throughout Europe. 

Fast propogation

Any adjustment is processed quickly. 

For anyone with their own domain name

When you have a domain name and use multiple services, the DNS is the most important link. We make sure that this link will never give you a problem.

We don't turn a DNS service into a half-assed job!

DNS Free

This service includes.



DNS 50

This service includes.

€ 4.95


DNS 500

This service includes.

€ 9.99


DNS 5000

This service includes.

€ 99.99


Secure your DNS with DNSSEC

You don't want you or your visitors to be misled, do you? With DNSSEC you have the guarantee that no abuse can be made of your domain name and the DNS. Every traffic (visit) is checked via an encryption. If the chain is not correct, the traffic will be blocked.

Register your domains with DCG and secure them with our One-Click DNSSEC Wizard.

Backup date

Number of zones in the backup

Actions such as viewing backup, restoring and exporting

Always a backup available

Even when modifying DNS records, mistakes can happen. That is why it is good to know that a 7-day backup is available by default. Restoring a zone backup is very easy and saves a lot of trouble!

The right distribution for your DNS

We have chosen 4 highly reliable locations to guarantee the uptime of your DNS zones. Each location is duplicated so that your domain name is 99.9% available.




How does it work at DCG?


You can easily order the services through our website.


After your order, you can checkout using our online payment methods.


After you order, the services will be activated.


You can manage the services after activation in My DCG.


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