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Kernel Care

Keep your Linux servers up2date with automatic patching without rebooting.

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Eliminate service interruptions and non-compliance due to system restarts

It takes an average of 43 days to spot a cyber attack once a patch is released for a critical or high priority vulnerability. In addition, only 12% of the time is one team fully responsible for patching a vulnerability - add at least another 12 days for the collective effort and finding that one genius guy.

KernelCare takes over most of the lifecycle tasks for patching and completes them in four steps without the need to reboot the system.

Once this process is complete, KernelCare will fully protect the Linux kernels and shared libraries of the server from all known attacks.

Why Kernel Care

Excellent price quality

Automatic patching

No more rebooting required

Why Server Security?

Servers must be properly secured. This is because servers are often used to provide external services. When there is no good security present, the server will be vulnerable to attacks from outside. This can have huge consequences for both your servers and visitors.

Why at DCG!

At DCG, we do not only offer services. We are also available for any questions you might have and provide excellent support. Also when you want to receive advice in the field of security, we are of course ready to help you.

KernelCare packages

Excellent security at the right price.



KernelCare +

Rebootless Linux Kernel Patching

Rebootless Glibc & OpenSSL patching

Private patch server for gated infrastructures - ePortal

Setup assistance with patch management & vulnerability assessment tools

Price excluding 21% VAT

€ 37.19
per server, per year

€ 58.68
per server, per year

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