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What does Avast Business offer?

Avast's easy-to-deploy cloud security solutions are designed to give businesses maximum protection

Why Avast Business

Excellent price quality

Proven virus protection

Own secure VPN solution

Extendable with Patch Management

Expandable with content filter

From small businesses to international corporations

With us, everyone is in safe hands. Choose from a range of powerful, easy-to-implement security products designed to protect your business.

Our mission is to be able to offer everyone the right services at the best price.

We always provide the best support and we do it every day. That is exactly the reason for choosing DCG.

Avast Business

per device
  • Antivirus
  • Patch management
  • Content filter

Avast Business Pro

per device
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Data shredding
  • Patch management
  • Content filter

Avast Business Pro +

per device
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Data shredding
  • VPN Client
  • Password manager
  • Patch management
  • Content filter

All-in-one solutions = multiple layers of security

There are countless ways in which attackers can break into a network or device. It is therefore crucial that you have a combination of security services and additional security layers in place to block cyber threats.

Patch management plays an important role in endpoint security

Patch management plays an important role in the security of endpoints. Patches repair vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the security of Windows operating systems and other applications. If patches are not applied in time, networks can be seriously damaged.

Most companies are aware of the importance of patches, but many do not install them because they find the number of patches too high, patching often causes work interruptions and patches can cause problems with other systems.

Patch Management, which is now available in both Management Console and CloudCare, solves these problems. You can detect and apply critical patches effortlessly. Moreover, you can keep track of ongoing activities via a central dashboard.

€ 2.21 excl VAT per month extra

Content Filters

Increase productivity with advanced real-time content filtering features that can block access to unsafe websites.

No traffic diversions

Our patented V-routing technology does not require traffic to be rerouted or any other tricks to be applied at the expense of Internet speed.

Automatic site blocking

Automatically block websites by category or use flexible options (block/warn only/allow) to allow employees to access specific websites.

Alerting and reporting

Monitor each device and all user activities with instant e-mail notifications and historical reports.

Secondary local passwords

Set a secondary, local password to unlock pages without compromising the administrator password.

Included templates

Use the included templates to quickly create flexible user policies for the office, home or on the road.

Dynamic page filtering

iCat Dynamic Filtering scans all pages not yet categorised in our database to make sure no new threats can slip through.

€ 1.68 excl VAT per month extra

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You can easily order the services through our website.


After your order, you can checkout using our online payment methods.


After you order, the services will be activated.


You can manage the services after activation in My DCG.


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